WPG2 2.0, Finally!

‘The latest version of WPG2 plugin is now available. You may be asking yourself “why do I care” but just so you know, WPG2 is the plugin that I use to embed my Gallery pages into my WordPress pages. Still, you ask “so what”. With the new release of the plugin, I am now finally able to upgrade to WordPress 2.0.2 (currently on 1.5.2). I’m also going to update Gallery2 from 2.0.1 to 2.1.0. Again with the “why?”. In the updating process, the site may experience some turbulence but the outcome should be miles ahead of where I am now. You won’t see most of the changes since they affect the “backend” stuff like speed and ease of use on my part, but I think the improved performance (load times) will be noticalbe by you, the audience. So I apologize in advance for any problems getting to this site or the gallery. i’ll be working on this later today so it may be done before you even visit me. If you want to get to the gallery while I update, visit archshrk.com/G2 Ok, bye now.

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