World’s fastest growing baby

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Local couple announce that baby archshrk has grown a week in only 2 days. Photos don’t lie.

Ok, so maybe our baby isn’t the fastest growing baby in the world but thanks to Friday’s Red Scare, we did learn that our baby is actually 8 weeks 1 day old instead of the 7 weeks old we were told on Wednesday. You can see from the newest sonogram that our baby is a week older then originally thought but you can also see with better clarity the head, both arm “buds”, both leg buds and the yoke sack.

We were certain that we were 8 weeks pregnant (6 weeks since conception) but according to the nurse/midwife, they are very accurate at the beginning of your pregnancy. Of course I was wondering how accurate she could be when they measure using a couple of tick marks on a tiny little screen. Turns out, you can’t. The second sonogram was done using a large monitor and the nurse/technician spent a lot more time taking the reading.

So as of Friday, we were 8 weeks 1 day which moves our due date up to Dec. 13th. That’s good news for tax reasons but otherwise doesn’t change much else.

3 thoughts on “World’s fastest growing baby

  1. HEY!!! You slipped one past the goalie. Right on…. Right on.

    Mrs. Prego and I went fo a sonogram last week as well (she’s 4 mos. along). I couldn’t discern a thing on that screen.


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