World?s fastest growing baby returns

World?s fastest growing baby returns.


Last Monday was Corbin’s 8 week check up where he was examined, measured, weighed and shot – four times. First off, the stats. Born 21-inches long and 8lbs-4ozs Corbin is now 24-1/2-inches at 13lbs-7ozs. He’s nearly doubled his birth weight in 8 weeks – that’s my boy.

As for getting shot, well that’s the immunization shots. Corbin received four shots and one oral vaccine. Many people including some close friends forgo some shots on moral end ethical concerns But we felt that the benefit of the vaccines vs the risks were in favor of getting shots. Plus, we are not passionate enough to make the call as to which vaccines are same and which are over-hyped. In the end, we did pass on the Hepatitis B because our son is not likely to be an over-sexed, drug needle sharing, crack baby so the risk of getting Hep B is pretty low. As a result we had to get the DTaP shot separated into two shots resulting in four shots total.

    Polio (IPV)
    Pneumococcal (PVC)
    Rotavirus (oral)

Most parents dread the infant vaccinations because they can’t stand the idea of making their baby cry – and that’s good. But it is a necessary evil and your child will not hold it against you. Corbin, for instance, received four shots. Two in each thigh. they hurt and I’ve never heard him cry so load as right then but he was quite almost instantly after each one. In fact, after the shots, the nurse left to tend to some other items. After a minute, she came back in because she thought we had left, it was that quiet. In fact, Corbin was sound asleep.

Back to Corbin’s size.


The first week of Corbin’s young life was marked by insufficient weight gain. Despite vigorous breastfeeding, Corbin was not getting enough actual milk. This prompted us to supplement with formula – something we wanted to avoid. After a few weeks, we realized it was a futile effort and went on a formula-only diet. It happens.

Being on a formula-only diet has helped his rapid growth (and has nothing to do with a 280 lb, 6′-4″ father). It also has helped with his sleeping. At two months, Corbin is already sleeping through the night most times and only wakes up one per night the rest of the time (something he started after the 3rd week).

The downside to his weight gain is that he isn’t easy to carry. Plus, he’s outgrowing the 0-3 month cloths and diapers. And it won’t be long before he outgrows his car seat. Unfortunately, he isn’t any more coordinated than a regular baby so he can’t do the things a baby of his size can normally do. His head is still a little wobbly, he can’t suck on his own fingers and he still refuses to use the toilet (just kidding on that last one).

On the plus side, Corbin is smiling, laughing and easily recognizes me and Julia. He hardly fusses, sleeps through the night and is comfortable with most people in most places. But he especially loves his papasan cradle swing

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  1. I want to meet Corbin. So when are you going to put him in a basket and send him across the ocean to me? Come on, it worked for Moses.

    Just kidding. I’ll have to save my money again, so I can go back to San Diego. In the meantime, tell Corbin to stay a baby until I get there.

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