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After several failed attempts to update WordPress and Gallery2 and my failed attempt to migrate my site to new servers, I decided to be a little more meticulous about the whole process and carefully review all my settings and plugins and stuff to ensure a smooth transition before attempting any more major changes. One area of concern has been plugins. I have, over time, installed several plugins. Some work wonderfully, others have not. Unfortunately, I haven’t cleaned house for a while and so there are remnants of abandoned plugins within my wordpress files. As I tried to deactivate and uninstall some of these abandoned plugins, I discovered how many little pieces where floating around my site.

Now keep in mind that not all the plugins I’ve recently removed are bad. It’s just that I either chose a different plugin to get the same (or similar) results or realized that the plugin feature was not something I wanted or needed after all. There are also those which I wish I could have cotten to work but never seemed to fit right.

As I started to clean house and evaluate my plugin choices, i decided to consult other WordPress users I knew and asked what plugins they used. One response I got was from Nate Ritter you pointed me to this great little plugin – Plugins Used Plugin. It simply creates a list of active plugins your site uses – with links to the author’s site. Now visitors can see what plugins you use and improve their site or make suggestions on how you could improve your’s.

Check it out over in the left sidebar – near the bottom.

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