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test/wordcloud01.jpgWould you buy this on a T-shirt?
SnapShirts.com has this thing where it will generate a wordcloud based on your site and turn it into a t-shirt for you. Now I don’t know if this is a good thing or not but I don’t think my shirt would be all that interesting. Maybe your site will be better or mine will improve, but I doubt I’ll be spending $18 to get this on a T-shirt any time soon.

What’s your wordcloud look like? Would you wear it if it was on a T-shirt? Does it acurately represent your site?

6 thoughts on “Word Cloud

  1. I have my cloud, I thought it was a fun thing to do butit they pick random words, so it is not MY blog, and I wouldn’t pay to have this on a t-shirt! thanks for visiting.

  2. I went over there because Colleen had this on her blog the other day…Mine was not all that interesting..but I think I’ll go back and edit the words…That may make it more interesting, and then again….NOT!

    I’m here from Michele tonight!

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