Win a Wii for free

Want to win a Nintendo Wii and lose weight like J.R. Cook? Now’s your chance.

NetChick is celebrating 10 years of blogging. To celebrate, she?s giving away a free Nintendo Wii. Actually, she’s giving away a gift card from Best Buy or Future Shop equal to the price of a Nintendo Wii because that’s easier to ship and some people may already have a Wi and would like to use their prize to buy games.

To enter, post a comment on the original contest announcement with a link to a 250 word short story. Now, 250 words rule is more of a guideline to weed out slackers so don’t worry, she won’t be counting the words but you get the idea. You must also include the following words in your entry: NetChick, deluxe, blog(ing), Vancouver, Wii.

The week before her blogoversary, she will pick 20 entries which will move on to the FINALS! Fifteen of these will be chosen at random from a pool of well-written and fun entries. Five finalists will advance because they are suck-ups (like me) who promote NetChick?s contest for the duration of the contest on their main blog page or their entry post, using the banner image and link she provided. (see right sidebar)

During the week of September 22nd, 2007 through September 29th, 2007 (starting and ending at midnight PDT), a poll will be open on NetChick?s blog for you to vote on your favorite entry. The winner will be chosen on September 30th, 2007, after all the votes are tallied.

This contest is open to everyone around the world and you may only post one entry per person. The winner will be responsible for all taxes and shipping of the prize from the aforementioned retail outlets in Canada or the US.