Who’s Michele?

Michele is a blogger who has a wonderfully fun website that encourages lots of reader partisipation. So why is everyone who comments suddenly telling me that Michele sent them? Well one of her great exercises is to start the Comment Game. Basically, you leave a comment “Hello” and visit the person who commented before you and comment on their site saying “Hello, Michele sent me” plus whatever other things come to mind. Then the person to leave Michele a comment after you will visit your site and leave a comment to you. It’s a great way to find other interesting sites and for others to find yours.

So in the spirit of this game, I encourage you to visit the person who posted here before you and comment on one (or more) of their posts. If you’re the first then visit Michele and join in the game or visit one of my links on the side there and leave them a comment. Just be sure to tell them I sent you (in case they wonder)

Oh, and if you’re here from Michele’s please comment on one of my other posts – this is a gimme and the others are more interesting – try the Poll about Heaven

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