As some of you know, I have more than one blog site that I manage. A couple were pretty inactive (Serving-SanDiego.com and the now defunct BurritoAndSocks.com) and others are for other people (PhotoJulia.com and IversonInteriors.com). I’ve also started work on a new blog but that one’s not ready for promotion just yet. It’s a site for Christian Apologetics but I’m still looking for contributors. So if you know someone who’s interested…

But today, I wanted to tell you about my latest project, Wholy4Christ.com. To be fair, it’s actually my dad’s project, I just manage the site. Here’s what he has to say the site is about…

This site is for those who believe in living wholly for Christ and are NOT locked in criteria of dogma set down by others. While being involved in the structure of common belief as accepted by believers, they are open to hear and even share Christian understandings expressed by other churches.

Now my dad and I don’t always agree theologically. Basically, I’m a Reformist in the tradition of Calvin and Luther, my dad is more of a Wesleyan. But for the most part, we agree on the core issues – that Salvation is by grace alone and that God is a good and just God.

But we have had our moments as any Calvinist vs. Wesleyan discussion will. I used to joke with my friends that we (PhotoJulia and I) were going to name our son Calvin Wesley just to mess with everyone’s head but one, not everyone will get it or find it funny and two, I’m not that fond of either name – so we’re still searching on that one.

Anyway, the point is, I’d like to invite you to check out my dad’s blog and see what it’s about. He’s only had it for a few weeks but it’s filling up with content real fast. Of course that’s because it’s mostly already written which is why I suggested he start the blog – to get feedback and to road test his material. So don’t feel compelled to comment but if you have something to offer to the topic, feel free. I think he’d like that. If you have any site related advice, keep it to yourself – ha ha just kidding. Let me know what you think and how it could be improved.

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  1. If you name my grandson John you would cover both Calvin and Wesley. Nobody would get that joke either. :LOL: By the way Wesley was also influenced by Luther. Today, my pastor sounded like a Calvinist, so I had to snicker. dad

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