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April 20, 2009

Who does she think she is, Elaine Paige?

Watch this clip from Britain’s Got Talent (with Simon Cowell) and tell me there isn’t something wrong with the world.

Susan Boyle

In case you’re wondering…
Elaine Paige, born 5 March 1948 is an English singer and actress best known for her work in musical theatre. Paige was selected to play Eva Per?n in the first production of Evita in 1978, which brought her to the attention of the broader public. For this role, she won the Laurence Olivier Award for Performance of the Year in a Musical. She went on to originate the role of Grizabella in Cats and had a Top 10 hit with “Memory”, a song from the show. In 1985, Paige released “I Know Him So Well” with Barbara Dickson from the musical Chess, which remains the biggest-selling record by a female duo. She then appeared in the original stage production of Chess, followed by a starring role in Anything Goes which she also co-produced. Paige made her Broadway debut in Sunset Boulevard in 1996, playing the lead role of Norma Desmond, to critical acclaim. She appeared in The King and I from 2000 to 2001, and six years later she returned to the West End stage in The Drowsy Chaperone. She has also worked in film and television.

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  • At 9:12 pm on April 22, 2009, adonis commented:

    tell me there isn’t something wrong with the world.

    Not sure what you’re getting at here.

    Never heard of Elaine Paige before today, so that probably doesn’t help.

    I’ll mention what my mom said though “A bit of a makeover – eyebrows, wardrobe and hair – (not surgery) and she’d probably look alright”

  • At 9:20 pm on April 22, 2009, archshrk commented:

    It was deliberately a bit ambiguous so as not to give the surprise away but the problem is that people (including me) made certain assumptions about her based on her looks and actions. Although the producers probably exaggerated some of the reactions (good ol’ gut and paste)

  • At 9:27 pm on April 22, 2009, adonis commented:

    I didn’t think it would be quite as impressive either – but I’m wondering how much she was ‘coached’ into that wardrobe.

    She also probably wouldn’t have got that far being just mediocre.

    Does say a lot about good ol’ practise makes perfect (vs. professional training). I could say the same thing about me and Photoshop ;) — but at least I look the part :D

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