When things get messy

Please pray for me as I am having struggles with our efforts in the Burrito Sock Ministry (BSM. Pastor David talks about how things will get messy as we grow and I fear it’s starting to get messy. I don’t want this to become a burden or to start resenting/dreading Thursday nights. I will continue to pray about it and will have a good long talk with the boys about where we’re going with this and how we’ll address the messes that are bound to arise. We can’t continue with short term fixes for long term problems. We’ll lose heart and give up altogether instead of helping several people a little bit like we do now. It’s a difficult place to be – wanting to help without feeling hopeless or discouraged. I don’t want to sacrifice feeding several people so that one person can take advantage of us.

One thought on “When things get messy

  1. I empathize with how difficult ministry is, there is so much need that we will struggle with the challenges. When I move to a place of interaction with ‘messy’ness, often my own desires and self focus instantly wants to reject the challenges of time/energy and investment. (And it doesn’t even have to be the apparent need of homelessness, it happens with neighbors and friends who aren’t saved.) I know I will struggle with this the rest of my life but this struggle will define our understanding of the gospel.

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