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August 29, 2007

What Problem


I’ve been experiencing a problem with WordPress lately. It seems that any post on PhotoJulia.com that starts with the letter ‘W’ in the post slug returns a blank page when in single view.

I’ve try different themes, deactivated plugins and optimized my database but no change. And when I say blank, I mean blank. Looking at page source shows no text at all.

If I change to post slug to read ‘problem’ instead of ‘what-problem’ everything is fine. This seems to affect ‘pages’ as well. Any ideas?

Look at PhotoJulia’s archives to see how I fixed other “W” posts and follow this topic on the WordPress forum.

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  • At 6:13 pm on August 30, 2007, Radioactive Jam commented:

    I’ve got nothing to offer in the way of help, but that’s an awesome picture.

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