What good are you?

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As she laid in a lounge chair by the motel pool, a woman, thin and weak from cancer held up a common latex glove. We watched as she struggled to sit up a little. She had been going to a cancer clinic as a day patient and this was Sunday, the clinic was closed. We had gathered by the pool having a great visit and the subject had quickly turned to Spiritual things.

“Here’s what people fill their lives with,” she said, and began to fill the glove with what we gave her from our pockets… a credit card, a set of keys, coins, pocketknife, etc. She sat a little straighter as she gathered strength from the passion of her lesson.

“Is this glove doing anything useful?”, she asked as she plopped it on the table. It just lay there, lumpy and inert.

“That glove is us,” she explained. “We’re so busy filling our lives with stuff that amounts to nothing. Is our life of any more value when filled with stuff?”

Glancing around, not expecting an answer, she dumped the contents on the cushion next to her and then pulled only the palm part over her thin fingers.

“We all know how useless a glove is when its only half on our hand,” she said flapping the useless fingers, smiling broadly. Color rose in her cheeks and her eyes twinkled.

“So it is with us and God. We can’t live a purposeful life when we only let Him into our lives a little. He isn’t going to use us or bless us like He wants to when all we give Him is maybe an hour a Sunday or when we’re in trouble.”

Then she finished pulling on the glove and flexed her fingers towards the sky.

With a glow on her face she concluded, “Only when we desire to let Him completely take control of our lives can we be all that He wants us to be. Just like a glove is powerful when a hand controls it, so we can be when we give Him our control.”

One thought on “What good are you?

  1. hey there! i thought i would check out your site since we were having some of the same issues with integrating WPG2. i like how you have your site set up. very clean and easy to move around in.

    speaking of moving around, the glove analogy is a really good one for how we must let God live through us. i just talked to a guy today who was telling me about his divorce, and said how his pastor told him that he did the wrong thing. he was certain that he did the right thing because he couldn’t find anywhere in the bible that told him that he shouldn’t get a divorce. what i wanted to say (but didn’t) was that if he were living by the spirit and relying fully on God, then he wouldn’t have to second guess his actions like that. only going to God when the marriage goes south isn’t the best way of handling the issue. if he had included God in his marriage, then it may never have come to divorce.

    anyway, that was a lot of rambling about not much. i just wanted to say hi, and i didn’t see a “contact” link on here. take care!

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