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I’ve been tagged by my good friend RadioactiveJam for the weirdness meme that is making the rounds recently. The directions are: List five weird things about yourself. Then tag five others and tell them they?ve been tagged by a comment on their blog.

1. I’ll take a line from conversation and turn it into the lyrics of a song (a la Weird Al)
2. I really enjoy Tuvan Throat Singing
3. I own a pair of size 17 in-line skates which I’ve only used once (despite paying $200 for them)
4. I’m addicted to binder clips. I use them for everything. I even used them for the money dance at my wedding.
5. I don’t find Will Ferrell very funny. I’m sorry, I just don’t. I also never watched the Brady Bunch or Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood either.

Now for the tagging… anybody who’s interested. Now that you’ve been tagged, write a post listing 5 weird things about yourself and leave a comment (and link) back to your weirdness meme on 5 new people’s blog.

10 thoughts on “Weirdness Meme

  1. First, it’s especially wierd since I live in Beautiful San Diego, California.

    As for the size, typically, you should wear one size larger than regular shoes but because I have wider feet than the average bear I went up two sizes. In reality, my ideal size in shoes is 13 EEE but those are hard to find on a budget.

    When I’m rich and famous I’ll have a custom pair specially made just for me. But I should try skating again. I’ll take pictues. See me in all my 6’4″ glory.

  2. Okay the binder clips I can understand. But unused size 17 skates? That’s beyond weird.
    Seriously though, that 17 part – is that on the same scale as street shoes? Because I’m thinking you must be… tall. Or something.

  3. Don’t worry, I never watched Mr Roger’s Neighborhood either. But then again it was never shown here in Australia (if I remember correctly), so I had a legimate excuse.

  4. I would like to hear some of that throat singing. Can you buy CD’s here in the US? I mean not on the web, but in stores?

    Michele sent me.

  5. I don’t get it – what am I supposed to do now? Do I write 5 weird things on my blog about myself? Am I so weird that I don’t understand the weird tag meme?
    BTW – I went to university with a girl who was an inuit throat singer. I didn’t really know her, but a couple years later I went to a Bjork concert and she was part of the concert. She was amazing.

  6. Yes, write 5 weird things about yourself and then tag 5 other people to do the same about themselves, who then tag 5 new people.
    You tag them by making a comment on one of their blog posts with a link back to your Weirdness meme.

    That’s neat that you’ve heard throat singing in person. I bet it sounds incredible.

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