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The one in which archshrk gets political…

I work for an architectural firm who’s primary work is in the Education and Healthcare markets. So it’s typically a good idea for me to vote yes on any California proposition that provides money for school and hospital construction. That being said, I hope you’ll vote yes as well.

Here’s a memo from our in-house funding experts I thought I’d share to help you understand the proposition and why you should vote yes.

As many of you already know November 7, 2006 is your chance to go to the polls and let your voice be heard. There are many propositions on the ballet this year and I wanted to take a second from your day to let you know about Proposition 1D or KINDERGARTEN-UNIVERSITY PUBLIC EDUCATION FACILITIES BOND ACT OF 2006.

Proposition 1D seeks $10.4 Billion in general obligation bonds for K-12 schools and higher education. $7.3 billion would be spent on new and improvements to K-12 schools. $3.1 billion would be available for community colleges and state university facilities.

The state has already exhausted all of the modernization funds and currently has an unfunded list with $264.5 million in approved projects waiting for funding to become available. Prop 1D would provide $3.3 billion for these and other modernization projects.

In addition to the $1.9 billion set aside for new construction, Proposition 1D would provide funding to update and create programs that would help to give access to high quality programs and facilities. $1 billion would be set aside to help relieve overcrowded schools, $500 million for charter schools, $500 million for Career Technical facilities and equipment, and $100 million for green construction incentives.

The higher education dollars would be allocated such that community colleges would receive $1.5 billion of the total, with $890 million directed to the University of California, and $690 million to the California State University system.

1D would provide strict accountability to ensure that the money is spent properly. Funds from 1D will be subject to independent audits, and this information will be made available to the public so taxpayers can ensure their money is spent properly and will not go to waste. Prop 1D is a bond that invests in our future without raising taxes.

So, Should the state sell $10.4 billion in general obligation bonds to fund repair and upgrade of public schools, including kindergarten through grade 12, community colleges, and state universities? YES!

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