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June 9, 2008

Union-Tribune striping comic strips

Original Donnesbury

The San Diego Union-Tribune is asking readers to help choose which comic will be dropped to make room for “Doonesbury” when Garry Trudeau returns from sabbatical next Monday. In a note to readers today, the newspaper named three strips that could be canceled and made some comments about them. Part of the note:

“1. ‘Judge Parker’ (we have ‘Mary Worth’ and ‘Rex Morgan, M.D.’; do we need three soap-opera comics?)

2. ‘Wizard of Id’ (Brant Parker and Johnny Hart are dead, and Hart’s signature strip, ‘B.C.,’ now done by his family, would remain)

3. ‘Cathy’ (enough already)”

Since I stopped reading the comic pages years ago, I’d be OK with all of them going.
Of course, I stopped reading the paper years ago too but that’s another story.
I get my comics and news online.

The paper also said it plans to “reassemble” its funnies lineup to “place comics of a similar nature together, and put all the comics that are of more adult interest on the Op-TV page.”

This is probably a good idea but I always hated having to find my comics in different sections of the paper.


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  • At 7:05 am on June 10, 2008, DinkyInky commented:

    Since they charge you your first-born anyway for the newspapers, why not have an adult section on the one-pager, and all the kids ones in the larger two-pager section. I miss some of the comics I read as a kid because the PC police had to remove them(Red-eye anyone?)

  • At 8:30 pm on June 10, 2008, Tom Barnard commented:

    I hope they keep Judge Parker in the UnionTrib’s fish wrap. Much better than Ms. Worth and certainly better than Cathy. Wizard of Id…ehh.

    But, keep the Judge.

  • At 5:53 pm on September 19, 2008, Pat Korsmeier commented:

    I returned from vacation to find that “For Better or Worse” comic was no longer in the Union Trib. . .or at least I have yet to find it. Now, no comment about what this says about me or my tastes, but it was one things I looked forward to each day. Had I known it was “missing”, renewing my subscription would have been evaluated a bit further. So this might be trite, but it may have tipped the scales for another publication. What’s up with these comic cuts?

  • At 2:18 pm on May 28, 2010, Marcia Martin commented:

    Cam’t fomd wjere we were to put our favorites and least favorites but they are: least favs, Mary Worth, Rex Morgan, M.D. Judge Parker,Dilbert & The Fusco Bros. Our favs are: Baby Blues, Zits, Pickles, Hagar The Horrible & Fred Basset

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