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The San Diego Union-Tribune is asking readers to help choose which comic will be dropped to make room for “Doonesbury” when Garry Trudeau returns from sabbatical next Monday. In a note to readers today, the newspaper named three strips that could be canceled and made some comments about them. Part of the note:

“1. ‘Judge Parker’ (we have ‘Mary Worth’ and ‘Rex Morgan, M.D.’; do we need three soap-opera comics?)

2. ‘Wizard of Id’ (Brant Parker and Johnny Hart are dead, and Hart’s signature strip, ‘B.C.,’ now done by his family, would remain)

3. ‘Cathy’ (enough already)”

Since I stopped reading the comic pages years ago, I’d be OK with all of them going.
Of course, I stopped reading the paper years ago too but that’s another story.
I get my comics and news online.

The paper also said it plans to “reassemble” its funnies lineup to “place comics of a similar nature together, and put all the comics that are of more adult interest on the Op-TV page.”

This is probably a good idea but I always hated having to find my comics in different sections of the paper.


4 thoughts on “Union-Tribune striping comic strips

  1. Since they charge you your first-born anyway for the newspapers, why not have an adult section on the one-pager, and all the kids ones in the larger two-pager section. I miss some of the comics I read as a kid because the PC police had to remove them(Red-eye anyone?)

  2. I hope they keep Judge Parker in the UnionTrib’s fish wrap. Much better than Ms. Worth and certainly better than Cathy. Wizard of Id…ehh.

    But, keep the Judge.

  3. I returned from vacation to find that “For Better or Worse” comic was no longer in the Union Trib. . .or at least I have yet to find it. Now, no comment about what this says about me or my tastes, but it was one things I looked forward to each day. Had I known it was “missing”, renewing my subscription would have been evaluated a bit further. So this might be trite, but it may have tipped the scales for another publication. What’s up with these comic cuts?

  4. Cam’t fomd wjere we were to put our favorites and least favorites but they are: least favs, Mary Worth, Rex Morgan, M.D. Judge Parker,Dilbert & The Fusco Bros. Our favs are: Baby Blues, Zits, Pickles, Hagar The Horrible & Fred Basset

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