This is a two part post.

first how does this statement make you feel?

woman without her man is nothing

more on that after the next part.

Unexpected. That’s what it was. DinkyInky from the Inktank Forums has generously sent us a baby gift. And not some homemade craft that is unsafe for children in 48 states. No, she stuck to the registry and got us something we actually wanted. the BOB Handlebar Console that fits our yet to be purchased BOB Revolution Stroller (don’t worry, Julia’s mom is planning to get it soon).

What is so unexpected is that DinkyInky isn’t a real life friend like Wendy or Radioactive Jam are. But then again, the people over at the Inktank Forums are pretty awesome people. Not many forums survive the end of their core purpose, but this one did.

I guess what I’m saying is thank you. Thank you DinkyInky for being a frequent commenter and a generous friend.

Oh, I almost forgot. The first quote is just missing some punctuation. the question is, where did you put the punctuation?

woman without her man, is nothing


woman, without her, man is nothing

One thought on “Unexpected

  1. I’ve heard those three versions of the saying. Pretty interesting. Nice of your online friend to send you that gift. Need to see the pictures of it with the stroller…when it arrives.

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