Throwing rocks in Chaska

Two years ago, we spent some time with family in Chaska Minnesota. It was a fun trip full of relaxing as well as adventure but mostly it was a great get-away week. We begin our trip by missing our flight and having to wait in the airport for several hours for the next flight. This is typically hard enough but especially hard on a 18 month old by the name of Corbin. But as always, he was a trooper. Aside from his constant need to walk around, he didn’t complain much and fell asleep just before boarding the plane. On board he was equally amazing considering he woke up as we boarded and 10 minutes is only a power nap for grownups. Most passengers didn’t even realize he was there as he sat quietly and talked with us or looked at books and eventually watched a dvd.

While in Chaska, Corbin’s favorite past time was to toss rocks into the fish pond. He would do this all day, every day if we let him – but we had to give the fish a break every now and then. The weather was great but not quite warm enough for swimming so we did other things like go to the Mall of America and drive by Prince’s old place as well as spend a few minutes on the trampoline. There were museum trips and nature walks and even the Guthrie Theater’s Endless Bridge (off-hours, of course). I’ll have to dig through some old photographs and see if I can find more pictures of our trip but these will have to do for now.

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