There and Back Again

I finally have been able to get my web site moved to the new hosting plan. The problems were mostly user error but seem to be behind me now. I still need to set up the gallery but one step at a time, right? Right! So if you’re wondering, I moved from 1and1 to PowWeb. I liked 1and1 but needed more storage space for my gallery. I took advantage of their special and got 14 months free and with 5gig of storage, I couldn’t go too wrong. The downside is that the user interface is not a slick and I may have too much access (that’s where I ran into problems) Overall, I would recommend 1and1 for first timers and PowWeb for more experienced users. DreamHost seems comprable to PowWeb but with a user interface closer to 1and1. Click on the links to your left and compare for yourself. If you sign up from one of my links, I get paid so be sure and show me some love. Thanks.

Also, let me say that I love WordPress and My other two sites are still at 1and1 and they handle ALL my domain registration. I only moved to PowWeb for the great deal on high bandwidth and storage that my Gallery Install needed.

One thought on “There and Back Again

  1. i’m using for my webhost. they aren’t the best in the world, but they were the cheapest! 10gb storage, 80gb/month transfer bandwidth, all for about $6/month. that was almost a year ago when i first signed up, but now they have much better deals. now they have a $7.95/month plan that gives you 20gb of disk space, and 200gb/month transfer bandwidth. that’s great for people wanting to do podcasts.

    anyway, just thought i’d let you know, even if it’s a bit late.

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