The Seeker’s Journey

I thought I’d invite you to visit another one of my blog friends today. Wendy is not only a fun read, she is very rooted in Christ and offers some profound insights into our own struggles of self-doubt, personal conflict and worldly attacks – all while staying grounded in scripture. Admittedly she doesn’t have all the answers (none of us do) but she does a wonderful job of raising the questions we all should be asking. She also likes to discuss movies and books, take long walks on the beach and oh, wait. Scratch that last part (wrong post hehe)

Here’s some recent post titles to give you an idea of what I mean…

Where The @#%^ Is The Menu Button?
Gospel And Culture
The Black Sheep (My Apologies To All You Politically Correct Fanactics)
Engaging The Arts As Believers
The Controversy That Is Harry Potter
An Awkward Phone Call Between Darth Vader And The Emperor
Rock N’ Roll
It’s Not Just Child’s Play
The “I” Meme
Free At Last

So please take a moment to visit her and see what I mean. Be sure to say “Hi” and let her know how you found her (here from archshrk).

One thought on “The Seeker’s Journey

  1. Thanks Luke. I have been very encouraged and blessed by your kind words. It’s a nice note to end on before I go off to bed. :)

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