The mind of a Psychopath

I had a weird dream last night. And it has me a bit concerned. You see, I think it demonstrates how twisted I really am.

Greatest american hero

In my dream, I was some sort of super hero. Not like superman or spiderman but more in the vein of Heroes or Bionic Woman. But it wasn’t like it was me bu more like I was playing the role of said person with super skills. That’s it. I had super skills, not super powers. And I was a cop, like a detective or from the special victims unit or a hostage negotiator, or something.

So here’s the “plot” a homicidal man (about 25-30 years old) was threatening to harm someone but what he really wanted was to kill his father. My job was to talk him down enough to disarm him (he had a knife but it was close quarters). Through the process of calming him down I was able to get him into a position where he and the father started “talking things out” and mending the rift between them.

But what struck me as odd was that as the son described ways in which his father should just accept that he liked different things, I still dreamed up ways to show that he was a psychopath and not just misunderstood. So as the son compared their tastes in music or preference in careers or tolerance for spicy foods, we see just how twisted he really is deep down inside.

You see, despite appearing normal, he still had at least one psychological quirk which made him dangerous. He liked having a home with three bathrooms, AND he wanted to put on a fresh shirt after using each one. Oh the horror of it all. I mean, it’s not like he soiled the first shirt, he simply didn’t like the idea of wearing the same shirt out of the bathroom as he wore into the bathroom. He’s clearly a danger to society and must be stopped. And maybe I should be locked up for even imagining such a thing.

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