The Japanese have too much free time


Based on these finds (and others we’ve all seen before) it is clear that the Japanese have far too much free time on their hands. From sterile looking masks to banana bunkers, Compact Impact is adding to the clutter that is our collective junk drawer.

The very sterile looking white gauze mask inspired us to make it more cheerful and funny while still serving its purpose. This new mask is no longer masking, but transforming the part of the face it is hiding. Currently there are 5 types of masks available (pig, tiger, jaguar, monkey, gorilla).

What strikes me about these masks is that I really don’t associate flashy, attention-grabbing masks with people who where surgical masks around the house (or out side) I seriously doubt these are hospital grade masks.

At least with items like USB blanket and heated computer mouse, you can see a purpose (albeit a weird one). Problem solving shouldn’t be resolved using sitcom logic, if your banana is going to get smooshed in your briefcase, don’t put it there.


There’s nothing worse than opening up your bag or backpack, reaching inside for that important document and instead getting a splotch of mashed up banana all over your hand. The fruit’s wasted, the bag’s a mess and the document smells of banana. Well, thanks to the Banana Bunker, those days are over.

The ingeniously designed Banana Bunker protects your bag, its contents and your banana. Impress your friends with the Banana Bunker – everyone’s going to want to get their hands on this one! Available in clear, green, orange and blue.

3 thoughts on “The Japanese have too much free time

  1. What will they think of next? I’ve seen the masks, but the banana case is news to me. Someone has entirely too much free time on his or her hands.

    Michele sent me to be amazed…


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