The “I” Meme

I wasn’t tagged with this but¹ when I saw it, I decided I wanted to do it, so here goes…

I AM: an architect
I WANT: a vacation
I WISH: I wasn’t so tired
I HATE: ignorant people
I MISS: childhood innocence
I FEAR: being a disappointment
I HEAR: the fan coil over my desk
I WONDER: why we can never get the a/c balanced
I REGRET: having not been a better man in my younger days
I AM NOT: trusting in God as much as I should
I DANCE: very rarely
I SING: in big crowds
I CRY: at movies like Hero and What Dreams May Come
I AM NOT ALWAYS: diplomatic
I WRITE: on my blog
I CONFUSE: works with grace
I NEED: Christ as my Savior
I SHOULD: be in the Word more
I START: Doing that today
I FINISH: When He calls me home
I TAG: Jessica (sorry, Jessica shut down this blog)

¹ follow the link to Jessica for this one to make sense.
Oh, and I swiped this from aigee

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