Text Link Ads AND InLink?

Its more of an either or situation really. You either have TLA or you have InLink but you can’t have both.

I received an email from TLA just moments ago that was announcing InLinks

Hello, we are excited to announce our newest publisher offering www.inLinks.com inLinks allows you to sell simple text link ads within the content of your website without the annoying pop ups that other competing programs have! We also have launched the most aggressive affiliate program in the blogosphere! Paying out up to 15% of all referred publisher revenue for a full two years! You can promote inLinks via banners or simple links

There are many benefits that make inLinks a great fit for your site:
Ads that are easy on the eyes. Sell in content ads without the annoying pop up
Predictable revenue. Get paid a flat rate per month per ad sold.
Full editorial control. Approve or deny ads as they are sold or allow us to control.
Blog friendly. Install our simple plugin and we take care of the rest. Just sit back and collect your monthly earnings. Plugins available for: WordPress, MoveableType and Drupal.

Sign up to start making more money with your website now!

After reading this I thought that it was a great option for me since amazon ended it’s context links program. Plus, TLA has been pretty good for me (until recently) so this looked like a great way to add a little mulah into the old archshrk account. That is, until I tried to sign up.

That email exists in our database already. If you already are an active Text Link Ads user you will not be able to use the same email to access inLinks.com. Please Login to text-link-ads.com to get the same services.

Wait, so my TLA account will do the same thing? But it doesn’t say that anywhere. So I search a bit and found this.

In brief, inLinking allows you to convert keywords in your blog to links and sell them on to advertisers. It?s a very good concept and one which is attracting interest from advertisers as the links are embedded in the content. However, from a publishers point of view choosing inLinks restricts you from making money through other means as you are not allowed to use Text Link Ads, ReviewMe, PayPerPost and other such sites. You are allowed to use javascript based advertising methods like Adsense and AdBrite though.

But their own FAQ says otherwise.

Can I run InLinks.com along with other ad systems I am currently running?
Yes, InLinks.com can be run along any ad system as we are not a contextually served product.

But then there’s this from the User Agreement..

A. If Customer is a publisher, it agrees that it will use the Company’s Services exclusively for its needs relative to placing static HTML links designed to drive traffic and increase popularity. This exclusivity provision does not apply to contextually driven ad programs (for example, Google? Adsense program, Yahoo? Search Marketing Ads) or to any other non static HTML link ads (for example, AdBrite?).

I’m in contact with TLA currently so I’ll keep you updated.

3 thoughts on “Text Link Ads AND InLink?

  1. My problem is that both TLA and InLink are Media Whiz companies but seem to offer different “products” so I should be able to use both, or both offer the same service. But InLink won’t even let me set up an account saying all my various email addresses are in their database.

    I may just have to try out LinkWorth.com if they can’t clear this up.

  2. Hi There..
    I come on this via search on google about InLink? why I can’t signup when this red reminder mention that “your email exists in our database already. If you already are an active Text Link Ads user you will not be able to use the same email to access inLinks.com”

    Finally I found your post here very clear picture explanation and had some contradiction on textlink rule and this is not good at first impression..

    Thank so much

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