Styx Trinket

I don’t know what it is but I want it.

I think the spammers are not so random after all. They are clearly targeting me as a consumer with an unhealthy obsession for all things STYX related. They know that I could not resist an email with a subject line about a styx trinket. With eager anticipation about another reunion tour, off-off-Broadway play or music video, I clicked on the email. But alas, it was not what I expected. Rather than offering me an insider’s glimpse into the latest fan-wear or remixed album, it was only another vain attempt to get me to buy their unrelated service or merchandise.

How disappointing. But this makes up for it.

One thought on “Styx Trinket

  1. The apparent non-random bits are more than a little scary. Kind of makes the whole aluminum foil helmet thing seem almost… justifiable.

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