Student tasered for being a menace to society

As you can see from the above video, the student in question was beginning to harass Sen. Kerry. For whatever reason, the campus police decided to remove the student (heckler?) from the venue. Now we can debate the validity of this decision but at the moment the student began resisting, he became a threat. The more he resisted, the greater the threat. You can see clearly in the Washington Post video, that even up to the point he is tasered, he is given ample warning to comply their instructions.

It’s a different angle, where the cops aren’t blocking the view, and where you can hear the general process here:

Step 1: They police attempt to escort him out of the building. He tries to escape their grasp, succeeding for a moment as he gets but a single step away from them. (0:22 on this video)

Step 2: Still continuing to try and escort him out, he screams “Get away from me Man!” and escapes their grasp a second time, this time making it a few more steps from the cops before they swarm him. (0:47)

Step 3: at 0:55 , we hear the officers tell him to stay on the ground, and put his hands behind his back. He resists.

Step 4: at 1:12, they inform him that unless he stops resisting, and puts his hands behind his back, they’ll taser him. His response is “No. I’ll walk out of here.”

Step 5: at 1:46, he says “You know what, fuck you. I didn’t do anything!” and even after all these warnings, and police presence, he PROCEEDS TO TRY AND GET UP.

By 1:52, he’s realized that they weren’t kidding about the Taser, as one of the cops pulls it out. By 1:55… he’s *still* resisting… and of course… is tasered.

(thanks to Tyran333 for the timeline)

To their credit, they DID give him almost a full minute to comply with lying down, putting his hands behind his back, and stop resisting arrest.

Unlike some of the “popular media outlets” that are claiming there are 30 or more cops assaulting him, or that they tasered him for no apparent reason, we can clearly see he was given ample opportunity to comply, and that even at the end there is a total of only 5 police officers actually involved in restraining him.

and this is a description from someone who was there…

I was a witness and that’s not what happened at all. this isn’t a freedom of speech issue. it’s a social misconduct issue. he was under arrest way before the video started. they q and a time was over and the event was scheduled to end then when he got pissed he couldn’t ask his questions so he refused to sit back down….

…the police warned him that he needed to comply or they would remove him and he argued that he wasn’t moving, like five minutes later they go to get backup to remove him when he pushed his way to the mic to interrupt Kerry while answering another question. he yelled at everyone for about a minute before they started to arrest him for social misconduct.

… Kerry told the police that he doesn’t want anyone arrested and that he’ll take one more question but he was already under arrest. So he waited and asked his question but they cut his mic for using profanity. He had said f*ck and bl*wjob (referring to Clinton). At this point is when the video starts and they proceed to arresting him again…

… he knew he was under arrest and shouldn’t have been flailing around, since resisting arrest is enough cause to be tasered. Kerry even answered his questions after he was removed. the news broadcast took the scene out of context and made it look like a case of freedom of speech and police brutality but the police followed perfect protocol and the guy should’ve gone quietly after knowing exactly why he was being arrested. – Arnaldo31

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  1. Yeah, I’m posting your comment over at the MTW and we’re in complete agreement, BTW, with both you and the witness whose testimony you have on your blog. Thanks for commenting.

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