Striving for Average

I wanted to post a comment on Tommy’s post about Contests but due to some technical dificulties, it won’t take. However, I resolve not to be beaten down by “The Man” and have decided to post my comment here on my site and trackback to his post (Ha – take that evil internet). If nothing else, he may swing by and say “hi”. So without further ado…

Ah, crap! My post failed and I don’t feel like re-typing it. So either I’m being spiteful (since this is as long as the original comment was) or I don’t find it worthy of saying twice (wasn’t that funny)

I will pimp link you to an example of a wordpress friendly poll tool that is not a plug in. It’s easy to create and insert into your pages or posts. Even includes a google style map of how and where people voted.

Anyway, take a moment to visit Tommy and see what else he has to say.

One thought on “Striving for Average

  1. there are several different polling things that would work, but for a variety of reasons I’d like to stick to one of those two plug ins.

    Since I’m not having any luck getting this to work I’ll probably end up with advanced polls. It’s more controllable but most of what it does I don’t need. Besides it ties up a mysql database for no particular reason really. Yes I know I could use the same database but in general I prefer not to.

    and thanks

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