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So first thing’s first – I passed the ARE test I took a few weeks ago. That’s seven out of nine, done and done. Plus, I took number eight this morning and I’m feeling really good about it. It’s a 6-hour exam. Part one is 1-hour which I completely used up and part two is 4-hours. Which I didn’t. The first hour had passed and I was freaking out. You see, this is the one exam I didn’t pass the first time and I was afraid I was going to blow this one too. But I wasn’t going to give up. I did what any right minded person would do – I prayed. And that’s when things started to fall into place. The next thing I know, I have my solution worked out and still have two hours left! Holy cow! I spent the next half hour checking my work for errors and omissions and then – I left.

Last night, Julia and I went to a concert at The House of Blues. We saw They Might Be Giants and it was great. We went with a couple of friends which, it turns out, made our group consist of two guys and three prego ladies. Luckily, we had reserved seats on the main floor so they could rest or at least lean comfortably. As for the show, classic TMBG fun. I highly recommend seeing them if you can stand their music which, I suspect, you can since you can stand my blog. But if you want a taste here’s their latest video (warning: it might be a little disturbing – start with the second one down)

I’m Impressed

Shadow Goverment

Still want more? Check out the video for their song “Mesopotamians” at YouTube or visit their website at or their myspace page.

4 thoughts on “Still got it

  1. I’ve actually have seen the second video before. Interesting…but not my musical taste. Glad you enjoyed the show. Sometimes the show is better than the music.

  2. Very Orwellian, isn’t it? I first heard of They Might Be Giants when they were on Blue’s Clues, of all places. My son loved their alphabet song, and I loved that they kept him quiet. I was sold on them then!! Glad you had a good time!

    archshrk responds: They did play The Alphabet of Nations. Which was nice.

  3. I love these guys, even more so once I saw them do a video postcard for Blue’s Clues.

    Lots of high energy fun. YOu are so lucky!

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