Steel Welding Process Underway for The Skywalk at Grand Canyon West

“Update” grand canyon skywalk opening. The First-ever 4,000-Foot High Cantilever-Designed Glass Bridge in the Grand Canyon is Scheduled for Placement by September

DATE: Tuesday, July 25, 2006


WHAT: The process of welding the steel beams for the glass cantilever-designed bridge, The Skywalk, is now underway. Shortly after the steel is fitted and welded together a process called ?Jack-and-Roll? will be used in order to extend the bridges cantilever ?U? shape steel piece 4,000 feet over the canyon. The total completion time for the ?Jack-and-Roll? process is currently unknown, but is expected to take between eight and 24 hours. The process of placing the glass to the steel is currently under discussion on whether it will take place before or after the ?Jack-and-Roll.?

WHO: The Skywalk is a partnership between the Hualapai tribe and entrepreneur David Jin of Las Vegas. The design team includes Las Vegas-based MRJ Architects, Lochsa Engineering, LLC and APCO Construction. The glass is being manufactured in Germany and Austria by Saint Gobain, a European company that specializes in designing architectural structural glass for unique building projects worldwide. The steel was manufactured by Mark Steel in Utah.


WHEN: The glass bridge preparation process is now available for viewing by appointment only to the media. The visitor?s center will be accessible and open to the public beginning first quarter 2007. It is anticipated The Skywalk will open to the public during fourth quarter 2006, with access through a temporary tunnel while the visitor?s center is being completed.

WHERE: Grand Canyon West is located approximately 120 miles east of Las Vegas, NV, and 72 miles northwest of Kingman, AZ. Attractions available at Grand Canyon West include The Indian Village with authentic dwellings, The Hualapai Market, and The Hualapai Ranch, a western town with horseback and wagon rides. Grand Canyon West is the only location throughout the entire Grand Canyon where visitors can access the river and water recreation activities at the bottom of the canyon via helicopter tours. For more information and how to purchase visitor packages, log on to or call 1(877) 716-WEST (9378).


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Making of the Grand Canyon Skywalk

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