Stack Overflow?

I keep getting an error message when my site loads.

stack overflow at line: 1354

I haven’t changed anything so I’m guessing it’s a third party plugin problem or link or something. Do you get this message? Is it isolated to IE? What gives?

In case you’re wondering, I’m posting for the sake of posting. Sometimes things just need a nudge.

Nope, lets see what microsoft has to say… stack overflow

UPDATE: Problem solved. By removing the ?Link Enhancer? code for Google Adsense from the footer, the error message stopped. I was part of the Beta phase but I think when it went active the code became redundant. To see what the “Link Enhancer” code does, just hover over the “What to Read” book in the upper left corner. You’ll see the ?Preview Window? pop up.

If this solves your problem leave me a comment below. If it doesn’t but something else does, then leave that solution in the comments area too person who comes here looking for answers to this problem.

3 thoughts on “Stack Overflow?

  1. Thanks for checking. It appears its a machine specific problem. That is, my computer at work was to blame and not my site. I’m sure it will be fine tomorrow. Its a memory issue and I bet it will be resolved when I boot up in the morning (restarting will clear the memory)

    The link I added to the end of the post explains the issue.

  2. Problem solved. By removing the “link Enhancer” code from the footer, the error message stopped. Since the Beta phase is over, I think the code had become redundant. Hover over the book in the upper left corner to see the ‘Preview Window’ pop up.

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