Spiritual Dehydration

I’ve lived in some form of a desert since I was 4 years old. The Mojave, Sonoran, and San Diego Deserts. I guess that’s why R. Sherman’s post on Spiritual Dehydration stuck a chord with me.

I’ve always found it telling that when God wants to instruct His people, He sends them into some dessicated landscape: The Israelites in Sinai; Elijah fleeing the wrath of Ahab and Jezebel; Christ communing with the Father for forty days after His baptism. In truth, there’s nothing so good at clearing the mind, than walking for hours in the sun with only sounds of one’s boots crunching on the gravel for company.

What I really liked about this post was that, while I was expecting a worldly, man-centered view of spirituality, I found a thought provoking view of our relationship with God.

8 thoughts on “Spiritual Dehydration

  1. That’s an interesting view and one I had not thought about before. I’d want a big bottle of water with me, thugh…LOL

    Michele sent me.

  2. I agree. I need my “alone time” in order to get through my day. I walk every morning and just try to clear my head. I can’t do it in the middle of all the day-to-day stuff!
    I took a few minutes to read over your blog. I didn’t get too far back but got a chuckle out of the condensed version of “50 Signs You’re a Blogaholic”. I know I am…it takes a brave person to admit it ;)
    Michele sent me today, but I’ll see if Google Reader will let me add you and I’ll come back! :)

  3. Hello archshrk, That is indeed a thought-provoking quote, in fact it made me follow your link to read the entire post. I have never lived in any form of desert, so the image of “walking for hours in the sun with only sounds of one’s boots crunching on the gravel for company”, is an inspiring and perhaps even romantic image for me. Although, I realize that the image is often more desirable than the reality. The reality of desert living must be at times difficult.

    Thank you for sharing that quote with us and please have a great day.

  4. The complete solitude and quiet of the desert is ideal for looking inward. Which, of course, it ideal for communing with the higher power.

    Of course skeptics might say these people where hallucinating from dehydration… (just providing a contrasting point of view) :)

  5. I am kind of pally with GOD! I even have fights with him/her! If I get miffed I stop going to temples. GOD has to come along to make me visit him/her. My conversations with God is what make me sustain in life.

    Otherwise for me humanity is spirituality.

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