Spam Libs

Today, I realized how spammers write those weird emails… Spam Libs. Like the classic Mad Libs but for spammers.

Mad Libs consist of a book that has a short story on each page, but with many of the key words are replaced with blanks using different parts of speech such as a noun, verb, adjective, or adverb, and other terms like a place or a part of the body.

9/11. Higglytown “is the typical 1950s between the cable private vendors and said, Pedro Martinez versus telecoms to lay fiber-optic cable and they even gave you the source corporate data centers, not individuals. However, in to point and click my credit card. This really they doing-‘ At first we anyone with an programs for more and more different easy to use as with each other.

It occured to me when I was over at Tetherd Cow Ahead today reading about Spam Observations #27.

Now this is obviously someone who has not learned their English as a first language, but this begs the question, where exactly have these annoying pests learned to write like this?

I usually just delete spam without opening them but the ones I have opened usually have some picture which is the actual spam and the text is just filler to entice you to open the email.

5 thoughts on “Spam Libs

  1. Ok, I had to wait all day to comment, cuz usually I have weirdo spam, but I didn’t this morning! I purposely looked in my Junk e-mail folder. Here are a couple of jems: “shinebone They’re nice innocent” “accelerate where are you? option” “keyhole This is very important”

    good grief.

  2. I really! think you are onto something with the SpamLibs idea. That would definitely explain my recent half Biblical story/half party-poker links three-part! spam barrage.

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