Some people just get me

Some people just get me. Take Angie for example. She’s over in Australia doing her graduate studies and sent us a gift package from when she was in New Zealand. In it was a variety of items including jewelry, a t-shirt, some Tim Tams (yum) and this.


It’s a set of glass coasters featuring a fish scene. But what makes this so cool is that each coaster is a different portion of the scene giving the stack of coasters a 3d effect. In addition to the ‘layered look’ of the coasters, is the fact that many of the fish are created by a thin slice of Paua.

Paua, unique to New Zealand, comes from the worldwide family Haliotidae, which contains nearly 130 species from oceans in both tropical and temperate zones. These shellfish have been used for food since ancient times and have figured largely in the diet of coastal Maori. Most countries have their own local names, Abalone (North America), Ormer (Guernsey), Mutton Fish (Australia and early NZ) and Awabi (Japan) being some of the best known.

Most of the jewelry and key chains Angie sent us consisted of paua but the brilliant color and pattern was most effective as the scales of the coaster fish.

It takes a lot for something to impress me and this did, very much. Few people ‘get me’ but when someone does, it’s a real joy.

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  1. Not only and entertaining blog…an educational one too :-)

    Pretty neat gift. It is fun to get something that can only be made from where it was made.

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