Snow in the Desert


Well, I just got word that its snowing in the desert where my parents live. And since we plan on going there for Christmas, I guess its time to get snow chains, or rather snow cables, for the Honda Odyssey (’05). I think the tire size is 235/65-16 and snow cables cost around $20/pair so looks like I’ll be headed over to my local Walmart to make sure we can cross the Cajon Pass. When it snows, the Cajon Pass usually gets the worst of it and is the only road that gets you from the San Bernardino side of the mountain to the High Desert side (and back).

Luckily, they say the snow is pretty thick right now so even if it doesn’t snow again before Christmas, it should still be around when we visit. Hopefully it will still be thick (or snows again) so Corbin can have fun playing in the snow. Of course, he’ll probably just stare at it or try to eat some, but the pictures would be awesome. Plus, we have some nice, warm clothes for him that don’t get much use here in San Diego – so that will be nice.

I asked my folks to send me some pictures, so I’ll post those once they do. In the mean time, here’s one I found online.

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  1. I know this may seem wierd, but by chance are you the same Luke Shiras that was in my art class, and hung out with Mike Sandon and Rob Evans?? This is Tammy Garber, well its Tammy Yetter now. Do you remember me?

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