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Oh, why the heck not…

Shelli over at This Eclectic Life has asked for a little help. And since she is one of my pseudo regular commenters, and I could use some link pimpin’, I figured I could help out. Besides, there are prizes involved.


So Shelli’s friend Jessica The Rock Chick at Life is RANTastic has this dream to be an A-list blogger. Apparently, one of the criteria for this status is to have 500+ links to your blog on Technorati. And despite everyone’s recent rank improvements, she is just short of reaching her goal. And to make things worse, the older links start to fall off with time.

So here’s were Shelli and I (and you if you’re up for it) come in. Simply add a link to Life is RANTastic in your next post. Even if it’s to say how much you disagree with this practice. But if you want to be eligible for those fabulous prizes Shelli’s offering, well then you best leave her a comment about your post.

Be sure and take a couple of minutes to read some of her posts. They’re pretty good and you may make a new friend. So lets rock The Rock Chicks World! Send Life is RANTastic to the A-List.

One thought on “Site Pimpin’

  1. Whoot! Love ya archshrk, you know I do. What’s with this pseudo regular business? I’m as regular as I can be considered that I’m all tied up in yarn! Get over here and help me crochet so I can blog again!
    I appreciate you helping me pimp, Jessica appreciates you, too. I don’t know why you aren’t in my sidebar…oh wait…there you are :-) I don’t know why you aren’t in my Technorati favorites…oh…there it is :-)

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