Serenity/Firefly Easter Eggs

Sometimes a DVD contains Easter eggs, that is, hidden features that cannot be selected directly from the menu and are not mentioned in any documentation accompanying the DVD. Hunt down these ever-elusive Easter eggs and hidden features.

This applies to the 2005 Serenity (Widescreen Edition) not the 2007 Serenity (Collector’s Edition).
– From the main menu highlight ‘Play’
– Press ‘Left’, this will highlight the marker on the right side of the menu
– Press ‘Enter’ to see a small featurette on the ‘Fruity Oaty Bar’ commercial, entitled ‘We’ll Have A Fruity Oaty Good Time’

On Disc 4, on the second special features page, highlight ‘Joss sings the theme’ and then hit the left arrow. Hit enter, and it will play a clip of Adam Baldwin singing the ‘Hero of Canton’ song from “Jaynestown”.

4 thoughts on “Serenity/Firefly Easter Eggs

  1. I love Serenity/Firefly!! I’ll make sure to look for the easter eggs. Thanks for commenting on my site! I must remember to fix the comments so it doesn’t cut people off in mid sentence! Soz about that! V. nice site.. thanks for the “Daniels salutation” blog… very insightful!

  2. LOL, LOL I think those are hilarious and just tells you how crazy this Easter Egg thing is…! Please, just tell me where all the “extras” are…don’t make me go on a treasure hunt that I may or may not solve!
    Here from Michele today!

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