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April 30, 2006

Serenity/Firefly Easter Eggs

Sometimes a DVD contains Easter eggs, that is, hidden features that cannot be selected directly from the menu and are not mentioned in any documentation accompanying the DVD. Hunt down these ever-elusive Easter eggs and hidden features.

This applies to the 2005 Serenity (Widescreen Edition) not the 2007 Serenity (Collector’s Edition).
– From the main menu highlight ‘Play’
– Press ‘Left’, this will highlight the marker on the right side of the menu
– Press ‘Enter’ to see a small featurette on the ‘Fruity Oaty Bar’ commercial, entitled ‘We’ll Have A Fruity Oaty Good Time’

On Disc 4, on the second special features page, highlight ‘Joss sings the theme’ and then hit the left arrow. Hit enter, and it will play a clip of Adam Baldwin singing the ‘Hero of Canton’ song from “Jaynestown”.

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  • At 5:24 am on April 30, 2006, Michelle commented:

    Easter Eggs, that’s a funny analogy! Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier this week :)

  • At 10:04 am on April 30, 2006, Claire commented:

    I love these ‘easter eggs’ on DVD’s. I’ll be sure to check these out on these DVD’s

  • At 4:13 pm on April 30, 2006, Aisee commented:

    I love Serenity/Firefly!! I’ll make sure to look for the easter eggs. Thanks for commenting on my site! I must remember to fix the comments so it doesn’t cut people off in mid sentence! Soz about that! V. nice site.. thanks for the “Daniels salutation” blog… very insightful!

  • At 11:37 am on May 1, 2006, OldOldLady Of The Hills commented:

    LOL, LOL I think those are hilarious and just tells you how crazy this Easter Egg thing is…! Please, just tell me where all the “extras” are…don’t make me go on a treasure hunt that I may or may not solve!
    Here from Michele today!

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