Saved Babes

I was reading this over at and found that I was not in agreement – that is, untill I read the whole story.

I was having a discussion with my friends, Dave and Jackie Ro, and the question of infant salvation came up. Are babies saved from eternal punishment was the question. I wanted to see what John Piper wrote, and as usual, I was not disappointed. His biblical arguments are so cogently reasoned, I know they have convinced me that infants are saved. Here are a few quotes on his argument…

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2 thoughts on “Saved Babes

  1. I had a similar conversation not too long ago and we came to the same conclusion for the same reasons. I was concerned because I thought you were arguing that ALL babies are saved when it is more likely that SOME babies MAY be saved. But I agree that it is possible (based on scripture) that babies can be saved.

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