Riding the LILLABO Express


Despite my efforts to influence Corbin’s personal tastes, he does not seem to be infatuated with sharks. In fact, he seems to prefer those blood thirsty Dolphins you hear so much about but isn’t overly attached – yet. Corbin seems to be interested in all sorts of animals right now so we’ll see if he develops any real interest to one animal or another.

One area Corbin has shown a real interest in (besides TV) is anything that rolls. He loves balls and things with wheels. One such thing with wheels are those wooden train sets. Anytime he comes across one at a friend’s house, a play date, or at the store, he is drawn to it like a moth to the flame. Obviously we’d like to encourage him and allow him to explore his creative side but those train sets aren’t cheap.

LILLABO 20pc train

So we began our bargain hunting on Craig’s List but even there, they tend to be outside our financial comfort level. Luckily, there’s IKEA. Ikea offers the LILLABO series of wooden train toys where the basic 20 piece starter set creates a basic figure 8 track for only $15 (in-store only). That’s less than half of what the name brand tracks sell for. Plus, you can expand your kit with the 12-piece bridge and tunnel pack or 10 additional pieces of track ($9.99 and $6.99, respectively).

The downside is that these tracks are limited to a few basic pieces but are compatible with Thomas & Friends, Brio, Melissa & Doug, and KidKraft sets, so the expansion possibilities are endless. Of course, while they are compatible, they may not match very well. Oh, well.

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  1. When we vacation, my wife of 36 years wants to see the Botanical Gardens and I want to see the train museum. Her response to my suggestion is, “Of course, boys like things that go!”

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