Resurrection Sunday

Yesterday was Resurrection Sunday so I wanted to share a little about how we spend the day before getting back to the history of the past month.

We’re still looking for a church home and following the recommendation of fellow blogger Dan Phillips, I tried out a small church up in Citrus Heights. Searching for a church home is very difficult for most of us. Whether you’re a new Christian or a seasoned disciple, there’s always the same old challenges. Word of mouth is only helpful if you know and can trust your sources. Moving 500 miles away means it will take time to build that kind of trust. The internet is very handy in finding churches in your area but finding out about those churches is not so easy. Most all claim to believe the same thing – inerrantcy of scripture, trinity, the gospel and salvation by grace alone. But when you show up, you find out about the subtle differences between one church and another. They may be more liberal or legalistic they you imagined. They may be too emergent or too liturgical. They may have very different interpretations of key passages that affect the core of how and what they believe. So even though they say reformed, or baptist or whatever in their name, they may surprise you in person.

Anyways, the service wasn’t anything less than I expected but afterwards I ended up talking with the pastor for almost an hour, which made us a little late for our Easter dinner with friends. Dinner was good, the typical fare – ham, potatoes au gratin, etc. Egg decorating and an egg hunt. The kids loved it.

Extra reference: Commercial moving company we used.

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