Reforming Marriage

So I’m re-reading Reforming Marriage by Douglas Wilson. I’m really enjoying it and finding that I’m getting even more out of it now that I have some study questions to go with it. The questions are part of my pre-marital councelling and bring up a lot of biblical issues that secular counseling doesn’t. I think it also better address some of the ideas I was trying to explain in previous posts.

“The fundamental orientation of an obedient man is to his calling or vocation under God. Under normal circumstances, he cannot fulfill his calling alone – he needs help. The fundatmental orientation of an obedient woman is to give that help. Another way of saying this is that the mans orientation is to do the job with her help, while the womans orientation is to help him do the job. He is oriented to the task, and she is oriented to him.” (p. 65).

Another good book if you want to go through some councelling is Preparing for Marriage.

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