Radioactive Jam

So I have a new friend (maybe friend is too a strong a word – associate?) Anyways, through my connections on the WordPress and WPG2 forums I have had the chance to see some interesting blogs/galleries and just had to add this one to my Google Reader list. Radioactive Jam is a skilled blogger with a wide range of topics and excellent writing style (very easy to read) Where else can you read about a pop-up book of phobias, mudding in a small truck and the anti-radioactive monkey society?

All that and he likes my site (yes, he is a bit touched in the head, why do you ask?) RaJ was kind enough to feature me on his blog and I thought it only fitting to do the same for him. Plus he turned me on to this whole expand/colapse post feature which I think is really cool.

Look for more exciting stuff as I steal some of his stuff and claim it as my own [insert evil laugh here]

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