Puzzle Master

Corbin has demonstrated some serious mad skilz in the puzzle arena. He loves playing with his wooden tray puzzles and is quite proficient at them. They each contain 48 pieces which represents a certain size of piece. Children’s puzzles typically come in one overall size and the number of pieces represents how small each piece is. Corbin loves his Pirate Ship Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle 48pc and his Solar Sparkle Foil Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle (although not quite as much). He also has what he calls his “zoo puzzle” aka Adventure Planet Polar Puzzle shown in the videos below. It’s not a Melissa & Doug puzzle but he loves it just the same.

I had the LED light on for the first video and you can see Corbin working on the Adventure Planet Polar Puzzle. He’s a lot more chatty in part 2. I didn’t have the LED light on in the second video so it’s a little dark but you can clearly hear Corbin talking through the puzzle experience. By this time he’s memorized the puzzle so when he asks if a piece goes in a certain location, he’s just playing a game.

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  1. He doesn’t work in the digital realm so I can’t say how he’d do but I imagine he’d do well considering what he’s accomplished the few times he’s touch our computer.

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