Prayer and Fasting

I was over at The Seeker’s Journey reading about the new year and changes we should make.

One of those changes will hopefully be my blogsite, which I desire to be more Christ and Biblically centered than just posts expressing my opinions, whether those opinions are right or wrong.

However, while I do want to keep this blog Christ and Biblically centered, I do not want my time on the internet to become the central part of my Christian life.

And I must agree with her on this post regarding the need to be more Christ-centered and Biblical in our posting. Kaleo will be going through a time of prayer and fasting and while fasting from food is unsafe for me, there are plenty of other things I could fast from. That’s why during this fast, I will not be using the Internet (other than at work) or watching TV during these three days of prayer and fasting. And that’s the key. Prayer and fasting. Instead of eating, or in my case, surfing the web and television, we should be spending that time in prayer and study of the word. If you do fast from food, then spend that time praying that God will work His will in you and that you can be more Christ centered in your daily life.

3 thoughts on “Prayer and Fasting

  1. Hello! Thank you so much for leaving the comment on my site. I am so desperate need of some biblical direction, I’m so lost in the “beginning” of it all…if you have any advice, I am in grateful need of it!!! Thanks!!

  2. Here from Micheles today! Interesting site you have here. I wish you well on spending less time online & in front of the tv, I’ve set similar goals for myself in this new year!

  3. It’s funny that you a talking about fasting because, here at work, a girl was just asking what fasting was. I thought it was strange that she didn’t know. Good luck with your fasting. I too am trying to do more productive things with my time this year.

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