I brought home some "end of roll" paper

I brought home some "end of roll" paper from our large format plotter at work for the boys to draw on.  I figured they'd have fun drawing on such a large sheet of paper.

I was right.

Corbin colored his own mural and +Julia Shiras taped it on his wall.  Benjamin was the project's Foreman.

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7 thoughts on “I brought home some "end of roll" paper

  1. Aw. When I was a teenager, my grandmother brought some home like that from the newspaper where she worked. I spent soooooo much time coloring on that stuff.
    My kids? Not even remotely interested.

    Hmm… I'll bet they'd love the tubes the paper came on, though.

  2. +Melanie Perry given they have a penchant for playing pirates and sword fighting, I thought it best to keep the thick-walled cardboard tubes away from them for a little while.

    If I gather enough, I may build them a raft or table or something like that.  maybe even a castle!

  3. lol, my oldest's school has the older kids make physics-based 'roller coasters' as a yearly project, so I donated all of my old cardboard plotter tubes to them. They were thrilled.
    I should've kept them for a faux log-cabin, though.
    Now they're a light plastic tube, they should do much less damage when swung at a brother's head. ;)

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