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One of the things I like about my new Droid phone is how well it integrates my Google account and all its features. One thing it does is use my Gmail contacts as my phone contacts (including email, birthdays, addresses, etc.) One of the features which it uses on the phone that I didn’t use much on the web was contact picture.

Pictures allow you to put a face to a name! User-selected pictures show up when you roll over a name in your inbox, Contacts, or Quick Contacts list. You can choose your own photo for yourself and for your contacts, suggest a photo for a contact to use, or see what your friends have selected for themselves.

When writing emails, I simply started typing a name and the possible contacts would show up like an auto-complete form field. Easy and to the point. But the contacts in my phone all show a thumbnail picture next to the name. This is great when scrolling through or trying to quickly pick the right “Bob” except, I don’t have pictures of a lot of my contacts. I may have a picture of them in our vast collection, but sorting through that will take some time.

So this is my plea, if you use Gmail, add your picture to your account. This is the best way to get a picture you like and it will update my list if you’re already on my list. If you don’t have Gmail (or don’t want everyone to see it) please email me a picture to use for you in my contacts list (or link to a photo). I’ll return the favor upon request. Otherwise, I’ll pick my own and may not be very selective.

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