Pheasant Hunt


Got an email today with a wonderful opportunity to learn more about a company interested in giving tours of their facilities. Understand that our office is in San Diego, CA and we don’t have much use for their product/services with the schools we work with. You have got to love those vendors though…

Good Afternoon

We are extending an offer to your firm for an architect, or two, who works on education projects to attend our 2007 Architect Pheasant Hunt. The dates of the hunt are [two weekends away]. We will fly you to Brookings, South Dakota on Friday for a tour of our manufacturing plant and a presentation on the exciting products that [The Vendor] offers. Later that night [The Vendor] will treat you to dinner at The Pheasant. The hunt will take place on Saturday. Dinner for that night will be at The Summit in downtown Brookings. Sunday will be dedicated entirely to you traveling home. We will purchase the licenses and supply the guns (if you do not have one) and dogs. We hope to hear from you soon.

Thank you for your time, [The Vendor}

I’d take them up on the offer but I’m going on a Rhino Hunt that same weekend…

…up in Escondido.

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