Pets In Uniform

Woot, it’s more than discount shopping, it’s news you can believe in.

Woot : I Love A Pug In Uniform

As of now, most common household pets are ineligible for service in the U.S. military. Until this injustice is corrected, the easiest way to see your pets in uniform is through Pets In Uniform, the Internet’s leading source for clumsily Photoshopped military pet portraits. For a mere thirty bucks, your puppy or kitty can be transformed into a fearsome warfighter “using the latest digital techniques.” And the little darling will never have to spend a minute in boot camp.

3 thoughts on “Pets In Uniform

  1. No way I would pay that much, when I can just as easily get a photo of a guy in uniform and crop my cat’s head onto his. Probably would look better, too!

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