Pastor extends right hand of fellowship, followed by a left hook.


San Luis Obispo – mild-mannered pastor and UFC fan, Jack Travis, sent mixed signals to his congregation last week when during the meet-n-greet portion of the service, Pastor Travis extended the right hand of fellowship quickly followed by a devastating left hook.

Martha Stalwart who witnessed the event was shocked by the exchange with first time visitor Duane Michals. “I’ve never seen anything like it” Martha explained. “He’s a very stable pastor, reliable and predictable, but this? This came out of left field”

Assistant pastor Jon Stamoz describes the scene as “completely unexpected, Pastor Jack usually follows the right hand of fellowship with an uppercut” others described it as his signature move.

“I guess I thought watching past sermons online would prepare me to take on the Acts 29 pastor” said Mr. Travis between ice packs. “Especially following a sermon on Matthew 5:39”

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