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I was going to post my Bloglines Feeds so you could see who I read regularly (Kind of a Master Blogroll) but then I thought, people may not take too kindly to what folder they are assigned to. Obviously My Blogs are blogs I publish and includes the comments feeds (did you know you could subscribe to comments?)

    My Blogs
    Best Blogs
    Great Blogs
    Casual Blogs

The others are organized so I can effective read groups of blogs at a time. For example, Best Blogs are those I always enjoy reading or belong to people who write well but also comment on my site often. Great Blogs are ones that are usually pretty good but I’ll save for when I have more time to read. They are good, but I’m not always compelled to comment on them. Casual Blogs are ones that don’t update often or talk about things that don’t usually relate to me very much. I still want to keep up with them but it can wait another day or two before I read them.

Comics are a no-brainer (no pun intended)

Tech is just that, technical blogs I read like the Bloglines Blog, Amazon Associates Blog, Google Blog and various webmaster type sites.

Photography and Worship are topic specific folders I can read or save for later depending on my mindset. Also, it’s just nice to group them together so I can read then all at once.

I have a couple other folders that are more specific like the DOA-MIA blogs that don’t seem to update ever but, you know, just in case. There’s also the Trial blogs which is where new blogs go before being assigned to one of the other folders.

So for those of you who use feed readers,
how do you organize your feeds?

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