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I found a new online Mii charater creator that seems a lot closer to the Nintendo Wii editor you actually use. Just a first effort my me to create a Mii character at and I already see it as an improvement over the current online Mii creator everyone uses. It’s currently in beta development so there are a few more things to work on like adding body types but I suspect it will become very popular once everyone has a chance to try out all the features. Looking forward to further development. I’ll keep checking on the progress.

Unfortunately, I still can’t get it just right. My actual Wii character I made on my friend’s system a while back looked exactly like me but none of the online versions I’ve tried have gotten me as close. Feel free to take your best shot and let me know how you do. Also, if you have any other sites you like to use or some special tips and tricks to share, I’d love to hear about them.

I will hopefully be able to include selection highlights for feature buttons too, but I am not sure how to work that in just yet. Also, including a body is on the table, but it will take a while to get the scaling (tall/short, thin/fat) worked out right for that.

If you can do better than I did, please leave a comment and I’ll see about adding your version to my post.

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