Old School is the New School

Now I understand what my grandfather meant about “back in my day”

It seems that classics are coming back with the benefit of improved technology and improved story telling (and improved budgets, too)

First is the return of the classic mythology masterpiece, Clash of the Titans. It looks pretty good so far but there is a notable absence from the original. Namely, Bubo the Owl. Maybe there’ll be a surprise appearance but it currently looks to be more in the vain of 300 than The 7th Voyage of Sinbad.

Then there’s the Karate Kid. Empire Magazine informs us that “With Jaden?s Smith?s Dre Parker as the new Daniel Larusso and Jackie Chan as Mr Han standing in for Pat Morita?s Mr Miyagi, this still looks and sounds for all intents and purposes like a straight retelling of the original?s story.” Good. The original is a really decent story and despite the campiness of the 1984 version inspired many a young boy to value honor an integrity (as well as take karate lessons)

Between these two and Avatar: The Last Airbender, I think this may be my summer of movies.

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